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**THE NETHERLANDS:  I had a great time teaching at Roy Verdonk's Dutch Dance Academy in The Netherlands.   Many thanks to Roy for all his organization & to the dancers for their enthusiastic welcome.  Also to Ira Weisburd for helping to make the event so much fun.  Special thanks to Barbara Munko and her dancers who drove 6 hours from Germany to attend the workshop.   I taught 'Love Her For A While' and 'Solo Amor'.  I was told the dancers also are enjoying 'Besito', ''Her Memory', 'Hands On My Heart', 'Ami Oh' and other of my dances.  PHOTOS

**'Solo Amor' (Event Dance) reached NUMBER ONE on both the Copperknob and Linedancerweb charts!  Thanks so much to everyone who taught the dance, and who danced it!    Great summer dance, check it out HERE

**THE SPRING WORKSHOP, April 24 - We had a fantastic time at the workshop, lots of buzz about it on facebook.   Check the website for details  HERE    The Brunch With The Stars was  a lot of fun and will become a regular event on the Sunday.

**'Love Her For A While', reached number ONE of the All Country Top 15 in Europe and the top 10 of  another EU Chart.  Check out this latest video from Paris.  

​Upcoming Workshops......

CANADA DAY, Dundas Square, Toronto  June 1, 2016 7-8
CELEBRATE DANCE!   Toronto,   June 23-26, 2016
LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL ..... Toronto, Oct 15, 2016

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THE SPRING WORKSHOP,  Toronto April 2016
LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL, Toronto October 2015
PIKE'S PEAK, Colorado Springs, July 2015 
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Latest Dances........

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LOVE'S GOTTA HOLD ON ME written with Ira Weisburd.  Reached No. 2 on Copperknob.  Intermediate SS/Videos  HERE

SOLO AMOR  Event Dance for The Spring Workshop written by Rob Fowler, Vivienne Scott, JP Madge & Fred Buckley.  reached NUMBER ONE on both Copperknob & Linedancerweb charts.  Easy Intermediate  SS/Videos  HERE


SEND HER MY LOVE to a great new track from Adele.  Reached No. 14 on Copperknob   Demo with music HERE

 LOVE HER FOR A WHILE    Improver/Easy Int      See new video from France  Step Sheet/Video  HERE

BESITO  Improver  Reached Copperknob Top 20


HER MEMORY Improver  Released at the CB Awards in Blackpool    Reached #18 on Copperknob

Ongoing Favourites:

RUMBLE!   Beg+/Improver  ​Reached Copperknob Top 10

OPEN HEARTS  Int. written by Kate Sala, Vivienne, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Fred Buckley  Reached #1 on Copperknob & Top 20 of Linedancer Chart

**CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY DANCE STEP SHEETS  AND VIDEOS**    Email me if you can't find the music or have a step sheet query.

Vivienne Scott

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